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Works on fine paper
I use different materials in my work, each particular to a highly specific aspect of my practice.
Previously I spoke about canvasses, travel diaries, studies on paper. Here I will talk about a practice that has come uninvited into my work as the years have gone by.
On very thin paper and very often in ink, I draw little vertical stick-like lines, my hand movement being at once repetitive and metronomic. Moving from mark to mark, the hand creates a line, followed by another and so on from top to bottom of the page. In this way I punctuate time, linking one act to another at different moments of the day. I treat these “time-spaces” as a series of rhythmic poems. They arrange themselves musically on the page reflecting the moment that brought them into being. The vertical black mark creates as much harmony as the whiteness of the page - absence, silence, breath. The whole is constructed with what each day brings, my own approach to the work, light, the tool, my own breathing and mood.
These spaces become places. “As sacred time is a break in the ordinary flow of time (they create) a different dimension of space.”*
February 2019, Claire de Chavagnac-Brugnon
*Henri Maldiney, L’art, l’éclair de l’être, édition COMP’ACT, collection Scalène page 179

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